Equal Opportunity Cell

College is committed to ensure social and economic equality, while ensuring the standard of quality and relevance of education by implementing the policies of UGC and the Government of India. The college endeavours to harvest the rich human resources and make the campus more inclusive. The Equal Opportunity Cell primarily orients its activities around training and development programs for the students which provide them with supplementary academic support in the form of remedial coaching. Furthermore, the Cell conducts sensitization and awareness programmes on a wide array of subjects like Gender Issues, Human Rights, Inclusion of Marginalized Groups and International Peace and Conflict.


The Equal Opportunity Cell of the College ensures the effective implementation of policies and programmes for the socially and economically backward groups.

The Cell offers guidance and counselling with respect to academic,financial,social and other matters. Our aim is to extend maximum support to the backward communities and create the opportunity for their maximum participation in various walks of life.


  • To give emphasis to the deprived group for learning and creating space for them in the mainstream.
  • To run specific scheme of coaching for SC/ST/OBC (non-creamy layer), Minorities in order to enhance their employability and success.
  • To maintain the data-base of the students, staff and faculty of the College in conformity with objective of the Equal Opportunity Cell.
  • To organize various awareness programmes including workshops and seminars in this context.
  • The Convenor is to co-ordinate the activities of the Cell.

The Cell may conduct regular remedial coaching on life skills. Personality development, writing assignments and making presentation, as well as Hindi and local language classes. The cell also is expected to organize interactive sessions and informal meetings with students to attend to their personal, social and academic problems. This cell keeps an eye that there in no any activity in the campus which could be called as ragging

Given is the list of members: -

Sr.No. Members Designation Mobile No


Acharya Chanakya Mahavidyalya, Mehmoodpur Semri, Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh-227805

Contact No: +9616666937